Fresh Lemon Print


Letterpress Studio

Fresh Lemon Print is the creation of Phil Gambrill. By day he is an award-winning graphic designer and by night he turns back the clock and enters his studio to produce limited edition letterpress art.

Starting his career as a designer in London's West End, Phil worked with a number of Music Industry clients before co-founding Fresh Lemon UK in 2002. They soon became successful in the Real Estate, Construction and Events sectors, but without losing their roots in the Music Industry.

In 2015 he branched out to Perth, Australia and established Fresh Lemon Pty Ltd. Shortly afterwards Phil reignited his passion for vintage printing processes and started to get ‘hands on’ once again. He imported printing presses, type cases and equipment from around the world to start up Fresh Lemon Print.

He now enjoys nothing more than lifting a fresh print from the press and marvelling at the wonderful imperfections caused by the aging wood type, whilst cursing in frustration as to why certain letters, just won’t print!