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Hand printed, limited edition letterpress poster art




DCBA is a contemporary take on the traditional type specimen sheet – a printed document detailing a complete typeface. These were generally used by designers and typographers to examine how a font behaves on the printed page. This example depicts an antique 16 line (192 point / 2.6”) bold condensed font.

The overprinted inks reveal interesting variations in colour and density, whilst alluring textures are achieved from the ribbed, laid paper.

Each unique, letterpress poster has been hand inked and printed using original techniques and processes. They are individually signed, numbered and embossed.

Size: 50cm x 40cm (fitting an IKEA 50 x 40 frame)
Edition: Limited to 14 (7x Magenta, 7x Turquiose)
Paper: 220gsm Classic Laid paper
Ink: PMS 2097 Purple, PMS Rhodamine Red, PMS3282 Turquiose

Best album listened to while printing: Cool As by Inspiral Carpets

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Please note: Each poster is unique, the prints are hand inked and hand printed and variations may occur in the finish of the ink and type textures.

All posters are sold unframed and will be carefully wrapped in tissue paper and shipped in a cardboard tube. Prices include GST where applicable.