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Hand printed, limited edition letterpress poster art




Bletchley Park in the UK was home to the World War II codebreakers. During a recent visit to the heritage site I was inspired by the fascinating tales and the critical roll the park played in the outcome of the war.

The ingenious Enigma – German code device, was used to encrypt strategic messages during the Second World War. It was believed to unbreakable and the CFYZR code, sent on 14 July 1941 at 10:05, remained exactly that. This limited edition poster shows segments of that message and depicts the complexities of each code.

Each unique, letterpress poster has been hand inked and printed using original techniques and processes. They are individually signed, numbered and embossed.

Size: 60cm x 48cm
Edition: Limited to 20
Paper: 270gsm Bright White Felt textured paper
Ink: Black, Metallic Silver (PMS 877) + Off-white

Best album listened to while printing: Appetite For Destruction by Guns n’ Roses

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Please note: Each poster is unique, the prints are hand inked and hand printed and variations may occur in the finish of the ink and type textures.

All posters are sold unframed and will be carefully wrapped in tissue paper and shipped in a cardboard tube. Prices include GST where applicable.