Fresh Lemon Print


My love of the typeface Helvetica stems back to my time at university. It is a clean, simple Neo-grotesque font available in a wide range of weights and proportions making it a versatile designers favourite.

So when the chance arose for me to purchase a range of original type cases of the iconic sans serif typeface, I jumped at it!

It was originally named Neue Hass Grotesk when created by the Swiss typeface designer Max Miedinger in 1957, but it was change to Helvetica (meaning Swiss), when licensed by Linotype in 1960.

It soon became a mainstay of many design and print studios and quickly out-muscled its predecessor - Akzidenz Grotesk on which it was originally based.

Many brands have used Helvetica for their identity, including Behance, BMW, Lufthansa, Motorola, Panasonic, Skype, Target and many more. It has also been a favourite for signage, popularised by The New York City’s Metro system.

I hope you enjoy my continued study of the iconic typeface…